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Picture of woman Peshmerga wins Guardian photography prize

SUN, 9 APR 2006 23:33 | KRG Cabinet

Photo by Anastasia Taylor-Lind
London, 9 April 2006 (KRG) - A photograph of a woman Peshmerga soldier has won the Guardian Weekend Photography Prize. The picture, taken by Anastasia Taylor-Lind, took the portrait award as well as the overall prize. More than 8,000 entries were received.

David Bailey, one of the three judges of the prize and a world famous photographer, said of the winning picture, "It's like the classic portrait of Che Guevara - it has all that connotation, a long history with it. You wonder what she's thinking. It brings a story. It opens up a load of possibilities. This picture is like a film script. Did she kill someone? Did she get killed 10 minutes later? The composition is good too, with the road and the gun pointing in opposite directions. And she has a dignity."

The Guardian Weekend Photography Prize exhibition is at Proud Central, 5 Buckingham Road, London WC2, from April 7 to 20. The exhibition includes the three category winners and 27 commended entries.